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unfortunately no abstract available 2023

abstractGeorg Schmidt, Bikash Das-Mohapatra, and Evangelos Th. Papaioannou
Charge Dynamics in Spintronic Terahertz Emitters
Phys. Rev. Applied 19 , (2023), L041001
abstractDimitrios I. Anyfantis, Camillo Ballani , Nikos Kanistras, Alexandros Barnasas, Ioannis Tsiaoussis, Georg Schmidt , Evangelos Th. Papaioannou and Panagiotis Poulopoulos
Magnetic Anisotropies and Exchange Bias of Co/CoO Multilayers with Intermediate Ultrathin Pt Layers
Materials 16(4), (2023), 1378
unfortunately no abstract available 2022

abstractGeorg Schmidt
abstractDimitrios I. Anyfantis, Camillo Ballani, Nikos Kanistras, Alexandros Barnasas, Vassilios Kapaklis, Georg Schmidt, Evangelos Th. Papaioannou and Panagiotis Poulopoulos
Growth, Magnetic Anisotropies and Exchange Bias of Thin Ni0.95Fe0.05/NiFeO Multilayers
Coatings 12(5) (2022), 627
abstractS. R. Lake, B. Divinskiy, G. Schmidt, S. O. Demokritov, and V. E. Demidov
Interplay Between Nonlinear Spectral Shift and Nonlinear Damping of Spin Waves in Ultrathin Yttrium Iron Garnet Waveguides
Phys. Rev. Applied 17 (2022), 034010
abstract Ioan-Augustin Chioar, Christina Vantaraki, Merlin Pohlit, Richard M. Rowan-Robinson, Evangelos Th. Papaioannou, Björgvin Hjörvarsson and Vassilios Kapaklis
Steering light with magnetic textures
Appl. Phys. Lett. 120 (2022), 032407
unfortunately no abstract available 2021

abstractMohammad Tomal Hossain, Sergi Lendinez, Laura Scheuer, Evangelos Th. Papaioannou and M. Benjamin Jungfleisch
Probing anisotropy in epitaxial Fe/Pt bilayers by spin-orbit torque ferromagnetic resonance
Appl. Phys. Lett. 119 (2021), 212407
abstractS.R. Lake, B. Divinskiy, G. Schmidt, S.O. Demokritov and V.E. Demidov
Efficient geometrical control of spin waves in microscopic YIG waveguides
Appl. Phys. Lett. 119 (2021), 182401
abstractMithun S Prasad and Georg Schmidt
Anisotropic magnetotransport in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 nanostructures
PHYSICAL REVIEW B 104 (2021), 054115
abstractDimitrios I. Anyfantis , Nikos Kanistras, Camillo Ballani, Alexandros Barnasas, Vassilios Kapaklis, Georg Schmidt , Evangelos Th. Papaioannou and Panagiotis Poulopoulos
Magnetic Aspects and Large Exchange Bias of Ni0.9Co0.1/NiCoO Multilayers
Micro 1 (2021), 43-45
abstractEvangelos Th. Papaioannou and René Beigang
THz spintronic emitters: a review on achievements and future challenges
Nanophotonics 2021; 10(4): 1243-1257 (2021)
abstractP. Trempler, R. Dreyer, P. Geyer, Cc. Hauser, G. Woltersdorf and G. Schmidt
Integration and characterization of micron-sized YIG structures with very low Gilbert damping on arbitrary substrates
Appl. Phys. Lett. 117 (2020), 232401
abstractD. Anyfantis, N. Kanistras, A. Barnasas, E. Th. Papaioannou, A. Conca, C. Politis and P. Poulopoulos
Effects of Thermal Annealing and Ni addition on the Magnetic Properties of Co/CoO Multilayers
SPIN (2020), 2050030
abstractG. Schmidt, C. Hauser, P. Trempler, M. Paleschke, E. Th. Papaioannou
Ultra thin films of YIG with very low damping: A Review
Physica Status Solidi B 2020 (2020), 1900644
abstractChristoph Hauser, Camillo Ballani, Philipp Dürrenfeld, Frank Heyroth, Philip Trempler, Stefan G. Ebbinghaus, Evangelos Th. Papaioannou, Georg Schmidt
Enhancement of spin mixing conductance in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/LaNiO3/SrRuO3 heterostructures
Physica Status Solidi B 2020 (2020), 1900606
abstractSpiridon D. Pappas, Philipp Lang, Tobias Eul, Michael Hartelt, Antonio García-Martín, Burkard Hillebrands, Martin Aeschlimann and Evangelos Th. Papaioannou
Near-field mechanism of the enhanced broadband magneto-optical activity of hybrid Au loaded Bi:YIG
Nanoscale 12 (2020), 7309-7314
abstractMohammad M. Qaid, M. R. Mahani, J. Sinova, and G. Schmidt
Quantifying the inverse spin-Hall effect in highly doped PEDOT:PSS
Phys. Rev. Research 2 (2020), 013207
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